Ring Care Guide

The proposal was probably the easiest question to answer when it comes to your sparkly new addition, but now you may have questions about how to care for the most important pieces of jewelry you'll ever wear.

Do you find yourself asking, "How to take care of my engagement ring" or "How to clean a diamond ring", we are here to help. Your ring requires regular upkeep to stay as striking as it did when you said “Yes!” Learn how to take care of your engagement ring and more using this guide.


  • Avoid wearing your ring while swimming.

  • Take your ring off before sleeping for the night.

  • Take your ring off before using any chemicals, especially when cleaning.


  • Do not use hand sanitizers with less than 60% alcohol.

  • Do not wear your ring while using cleaning agents.

  • Do not wear when exercising or doing strenuous activities.

So Fresh & So Clean

How to Clean your Engagement Ring

Regularly cleaning your ring or any jewelry you wear consistently is important to maintaining its quality. Oils, dirt, sanitizers, and hand soaps cause a film to build up on the ring, which dulls its shine and sparkle.

While there are many DIY home remedies, consider bringing your ring to your local jeweler for expert care and advice when it comes to cleaning your engagement ring. A ring cleaning can be well worth your time and peace of mind.

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Mark Your Calendar

Engagement ring maintenance

While you should make it a habit of visually inspecting your regularly worn jewelry every day, consider scheduling regular ring maintenance with your jeweler one to two times per year. Not only will this include an expert cleaning of your jewelry, but they’ll also ensure the stones are secure, the prongs aren't worn, and that the metal is still in good condition.

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Keeping Your Shine

Keep your ENGAGEMENT RING Tarnish-free

If your ring is made of white gold, be on the lookout for tinges of yellow on the parts of the ring that come into contact with other objects — particularly the bottom of the ring. Make your ring look brand new by having your jeweler add a new rhodium plating. This hypoallergenic metal plating provides a harder surface with a brighter shine. Ask your jeweler about specific white gold ring maintenance during your next inspection.

The Perfect Fit

Knowing how your engagement ring should fit

Your ring should slide on easily, but be a little more difficult to get over your knuckle as you take it off. If it causes discomfort, it is likely too small. Many rings can be sized up or down relatively easily by a jeweler, but be careful not to have the ring sized more than twice in its lifetime. Every time a ring is resized, the metal weakens, and the risk of damage increases.


How to get your engagement ring Insured

An engagement ring is a priceless possession, and you will want peace of mind from the moment it graces your finger. Have a discussion with your preferred jeweler and your insurance company on the best policy for having your ring insured.

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