Wedding Band Style Guide

From metal to diamond-accented, explore your options for the ultimate symbol of eternal commitment and love.

With your wedding swiftly approaching, let’s start thinking about the right wedding band that makes you want to say, “I do.” Are you looking for a metal wedding band or diamond wedding band? Should your wedding band match your partner’s band? What options are there? We are here to answer your questions and provide some guidance.

Discover Your Ring Finger Size

The first step in choosing the right wedding band is to determine your ring finger size. If you’re looking to find your exact size and how a ring will fit on your finger, we recommend talking with a trusted ever&ever® retail partner. Our partners will help you understand how a wedding band is supposed to fit, and this will reduce the risk of your ring needing to be resized.

Ring Finger Sizing

Choose Metal Quality and Color

Gold and platinum offer a variety of qualities and colors, each with their own characteristics. Explore the subtle differences between the precious metal qualities and colors used in ever&ever® wedding bands in our Precious Metals Guide.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference and style. Perhaps you like the sleek style and durability of platinum or maybe you enjoy the classic appeal and color of yellow gold. Another consideration would be whether or not you plan to match your band with an engagement ring or your partner’s wedding band.

No matter which precious metal you choose for your wedding band, just know that there are styles and designs that will make it shine.

Matching Wedding Bands

For every ever&ever® engagement ring, there is a uniquely designed matching band that is meant to complement the style of your engagement ring. Adjust the center stone shape and size as well as the metal quality to match your engagement ring to create the perfect bridal set. You can find the matching band by first selecting your engagement ring.

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Metal Wedding Bands: A Timeless Classic

A metal wedding band is a classic tradition that often comes to mind when thinking about wedding rings. Metal wedding bands should be made with high-quality materials and be able to withstand everyday wear. However, it should also reflect your style and feel unique. Let’s touch on aspects of a metal wedding band you can customize to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

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Width, Fit, and Weight

A wedding band’s width and fit determine how the ring feels on your finger. Width on ever&ever® classic metal wedding band range from 1 to 12 millimeters. Fit is determined by the inside surface of the band that rests on the finger. The standard fit is a flat interior surface, regardless of the exterior design details. The comfort fit is a domed, or curved, interior surface that allows for easier movement over the knuckle. Weight refers to the thickness of the band. Choose between light, standard, and heavy.

Designs & Details

Designs and details are specific to the exterior of the wedding band. The ring’s profile — or external shape — can come in a variety of options, such as half-round, flat, knife, square, and more. You can then add edge details, such as milgrain, bead, and rope, to make the design even more personalized.

Finishes & Engravings

The final touch to any ring is a special finish and engraving. Special finishes are textures that can be added to the exterior of metal wedding bands, such as a hammered or satin finish. Finally, make the ring uniquely yours with an engraving on the interior or exterior of the band. Engrave a name, date, or meaningful phrase to serve as an eternal reminder of the love of your life.

Diamond Wedding Bands: Style Made Modern

Like the diamonds that accent them, diamond wedding bands are a stunning and enduring symbol of commitment. Whether paired with an engagement ring or worn alone, a diamond wedding band should reflect the style and uniqueness of the one who wears it. With multiple styles to choose from and a variety of ways to customize, let’s dive into how you can personalize your own diamond wedding band.

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Diamond Wedding Bands

Eternity or Anniversary

There are two styles of diamond wedding bands that ever&ever® offers: eternity and anniversary. Each style refers to the placement of accent diamonds on the band. Eternity bands feature diamonds around the entirety of the band, while anniversary bands only feature diamonds partially around the band.

Stone Shape & Size

One of the best parts about ever&ever® rings is that you get to choose the stone shape and size of your favorite design. Choose from a selection of shapes ranging from round to fancy shapes and a variety of carat total weights. Learn more about diamond stone shapes in our Diamonds Guide.

Natural vs. Lab-Grown

Lastly, when looking at the diamonds you want in your wedding band, you have options between natural or lab-grown diamonds. Natural and lab-grown diamonds are optically, chemically, and physically identical to each other. The only differences are origin and price point. Learn more about the differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds in our Diamonds Guide.